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Starting your period is a big event, and we want all parents and girls to be confident and ready for this transition!


Give her Confidence, Resilience and Self Awareness!

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Celebration Day for Girls provides a warm, and fun and informative day for girls age 9-12 years to learn about themselves, their bodies, their hormones and the amazingness of being a young woman. We provide a beautiful, progressive approach to puberty education through research-based holistic education combined with traditional wisdom, where girls learn about their bodies and understand puberty in an empowering way. It is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of our female bodies, the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation.

Whether your girl has started her period or not, this is the perfect opportunity for her to feel proud and empowered, knowledgeable and prepared as she enters young womanhood. How a girl experiences her first period can set the stage for her future body image, self-esteem and confidence. When you start your period understanding your body, then you can grow into an adult that trusts and cherishes your own body.

Celebration Day for Girls is for you if –

  • You want to empower your daughter to form a healthy relationship with her body and her cycle.

  • You want to forge a beautiful deep connection with your daughter

  • You are a mother (or female relative or carer) that wants to raise empowered daughters that love their bodies.

  • You want to feel confident and prepared to support your girl through puberty, menarche and menstruation * (although we use the terms mother and daughter, this course is for any female carer that is supporting a child who will experience periods).

  • Maybe you have no idea how to talk to your daughter about her body or menstrual cycle, or you don’t know how or when to start talking about periods.

  • Or maybe you’ve shared all the basic information but wish you knew how to guide your daughter in a better experience than you had.

  • You want to change the story for your girl, let go of your own (or society’s) limiting beliefs about periods and lay the foundations for a lifetime of honouring and trusting of the female body and it’s cycles.

  • You want more tools to explore the creative potential of your own cycle.

The Mother’s Session:

Join a circle of women with similar aged girls to explore how to nourish and nurture the girl in your life.  

  • Understand the indicators that her menarche is approaching, and feel confident and ready for this transition.

  • Explore how to support your daughter and yourself in her emerging seasonal patterns.

  • Time to look at your own relationship to your menstrual cycle – and deepen your connection to the ‘inner seasons.'

  • Practical ways to support and celebrate your daughter, so that you can start planning for how to celebrate when her first period comes (or ideas how to celebrate if she’s already started her period).

  • Feel resourced and listened to so that you can both support yourself and really be there for your girl.

  • Look at how your own experience of menarche influences how you view your daughter’s first bleed, and how you can use all that you’ve experienced to help her with her journey – many mothers are able to heal a part of their own relationship with their menarche and menstruation through giving their girl the support and acknowledgement they wish they’d had as a child.

  • And you’ll get my resource pack and top recommendations for the best books and websites to find out even more!

  • The Mother’s session is held in advance of the Celebration Day and can be done in person or via Zoom group calls (Zoom calls are great way for mothers to get started with support and information, even if we are restricted by COVID regulations or lockdowns).


  • Positive and practical information about changing bodies and the physiology of the menstrual cycle.

  • A safe space to ask questions, express feelings and be curious about the process of growing up in a fun and relaxed environment.

  • Age appropriate information about puberty and menstruation – what happens during this stage of development and what they can expect to notice, feel and sense within their body and emotions.

  • Practical advice on ways to manage periods with a demonstration of reusable and disposable organic period products.

  • Introduction to Cycle Awareness and encouragement to listen to their bodies as energy, needs and super powers fluctuate through the month.

  • How to honour the female body in it’s different phases and understand the self-care  tools available to them.

  • Engage in mindful activities, fun crafts and games, while learning about puberty in an empowering way.

The Girl’s Session:
Mother – Daughter Session:
  • A celebratory time to share positive guidance and strengthen the bond between you.

  • Honour the wonderful qualities and strengths of your girl.

  • Share stories of inspirational women and your own menarche story.

  • Craft a memento of the day that carries your good wishes and blessings for your girl.

  • An experience of women and girls supporting each other and creating a safe space for sharing that normalises female bodies, periods and the menstrual cycle.

  • Role model that it is possible to talk openly about periods and puberty amongst friends and adults, countering society’s stigma and taboo.

  • Gifting your girl with wisdom, confidence and tools to support their happy, healthy entry into this exciting rite of passage and important growing-up milestone.

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  • Participants go home feeling more confident and empowered with greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of what’s to come, and feeling what a normal, special and transformational phase in their life this is!


Private Workshop

Did you know Celebration Days are available for you to book for your girl and her friends? This way a friendship circle gets to explore topics together, strengthening their friendship and enabling them to give each other ongoing support. Private events are hosted in your home, for a minimum of 4 girls. If you’re interested in making this happen for your girl & her friends, please email Nisha on or join the waitlist using the form below.


Public Workshop

Several times a year I run Celebration Day for Girls as an event open to the public – please drop me an email if you’d like me to keep you posted on forthcoming dates, on

Visit the Celebration Day For Girls TM Website!


If you have questions, you can visit the CDG website FAQ page here - or get in touch with me direct!


COVID Update – Celebration Days can be run in COVID safe ways, although in-person events are suspended while we are in lockdown. Please get in touch for updates. Mother’s sessions can be run online, even if we have to wait for a date for the girls to gather. Many mothers say how supportive they find the mother’s sessions during lockdown, and the longer time period gives mothers the chance to engage more deeply with the material.

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