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Image by Melanie Magdalena

Moon Circles for Teens & Tweens

Making Friends with the Menstrual Cycle

Understanding the Inner Seasons

Cycle Tracking

Using our Hormones to our Advantage 

Yoga and Mindfulness Mediation

Self Care Practices

Holistic Menstrual Care

Eco-friendly Period Products

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Each circle is unique, but will generally include grounding, yoga, meditation, honouring of the seasons and moon cycle, journaling, conversation, and sharing - all within the framework of menstrual cycle awareness. 

These loving, supportive circles will help nurture self awareness, self-confidence and self esteem, while developing focus and concentration, and learning tools to manage stress and anxiety. Yoga fosters a positive body image, promotes self love and the acceptance of self and others. The practice of Yoga develops a strong and flexible body, improves balance, body awareness, and coordination. Yoga builds inner and outer strength.


The experience of these circles encourage the letting go of perceived perfection, instead embracing our innermost beauty and gifts. The circles create supportive community and sisterhood. They will lay the foundations for a life time of menstrual cycle self care.


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