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About Women's Health Coaching

Women's health coaching provides a vital (and too often missing) layer of support, combined with specialist knowledge in women's holistic health, so that you can make lasting diet, lifestyle, and behaviour changes. It provides practical and emotional support to give you the power to change your health.

We will start by getting a holistic picture of what is going on for you as an individual, as well as building a vision of health that captures where you would like to be.

As your coach, I’ll guide and support you on your very own personalised journey to wellbeing. I’m really interested in a bio-individualised approach to food, diet and lifestyle – I don’t teach a one-size-fits-all approach. This process is about really understanding YOU and your needs. As your coach, I’m here to hold you accountable so that change can happen, and to hold the space for you to find the best next steps to wellness.

One of my mantras is “Test, don’t guess” and I integrate the best of functional testing into my approach so that we can really figure out what’s the best approach for you, right now. The right lab tests provide important information about what’s going on for you, sometimes avoiding years of trial and error. Addressing the root cause of what’s going on, and addressing your unique physiology is essential to reclaiming and maintaining optimal health and vitality at any age. Rather than turn to medications that simply mask the problems and can actually make things worse, my approach is to take a holistic view. I believe deeply in the power of food and nutrition to heal.


"Nisha is an extraordinarily kind, emotionally warm, intelligent  and wise human being. Always supportive and non judgemental, Nisha is a skilled active listener who takes great care to really hear, understand and process with accuracy and great humanity. Her empathy and  sense of fun shine through,  facilitating safe, honest connection and communication. Always realistic and grounded, Nisha shares her skill, wisdom and knowledge with great generosity and love, creating a safe space in which to explore feelings, learn, laugh and move forward"


Jo B-G - Occupational Therapist

It’s really hard to feel confident, passionate, excited about life and energised when your body isn’t feeling well, or your menstrual cycle is screaming at you, or you’re flat out exhausted.


Are you struggling with your periods, experiencing choronic pain, do you feel ruled by your hormones, burnt out, confused?


Addressing your body as a beautiful part of you and nourishing it on multiple levels is essential to sustainable joy, passion and inspiration.

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The deep intelligence of the menstrual cycle is at the core of my work with women –

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We’ll proactively look at your experience of your menstrual cycle and I will guide you to understand the eb and flow of the cycle to enable your create your very own personalised self care plan.

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I will support you in understanding your strengths and vulnerabilities in the different phases of the cycle so that you can take better care of yourself holistically and come to feel more ease in your everyday life.

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The menstrual cycle can become something that supports our lives as women – an empowering gift that is an inner compass to optimal health and to our true, vibrant selves.

Do you want to feel:

  • In tune with the ebb and flow of your hormones

  • Connected to your cycle and the wisdom of your body

  • Able to take care of yourself as you progress through your menstrual cycle and life cycle

  • At home in your body

Our needs as women change over our lifetime – you will need different practices and approaches as you move through life’s transitions transitions – I love supporting women moving through the rite of passage of perimenopause into menopause. Read more here.

About Coaching - 

  • Coaching is right for you if you have a sense that you’re ready to proactively make positive life changes

  • Coaching provides a safe space for you to discuss your hopes and dreams, and to create solutions to help overcome the challenges you face

  • Coaching supports and empowers you to create the life you want to lead through vision setting, manageable action steps and accountability

  • Coaching puts you in the drivers seat of your life – it is not medical advice or counselling, although I can signpost you to specialists if this is the right support for you

About the Coaching Process - 

  • First, we’ll take a comprehensive case history – an overview of the context of your life in relevant areas: physical and emotional wellbeing, diet & nutrition, exercise, work, responsibilities, people, spirituality

  • We will explore your hopes, dreams and aspirations – where you want to be and your motivation for change

  • We will look at what you have already tried in terms of conventional and holistic approach, what works and what doesn’t

  • We will look holistically at your life so that we can clearly identify  what to do and where you need support

  • Then we will create a personalised plan for our time together with a timeline of goals

  • We will explore the lifestyle changes that will allow greater health expression, strengthen your resilience and boost your happiness

  • Each time we meet, you will share your progress and observations and we will create specific actions towards your personalised selfcare plan

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You don’t have to go it alone - because you found your way here!

Ready to get started?

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If you can't find an appointment that works for you, please reach out and I'll try to find some extra time.

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