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Teen and Tween Relationships and Sex Education

When I'm (Really) Ready

‘When I'm (Really) Ready’ is a programme delivered in collaboration with Mary Beattie for young people (tweens and teens) that explores the inner and outer foundations for healthy relationships. It is:

  • Empowering

  • Believes in a young persons rights 

  • Supports them to explore motivations for having sex and what the possible fallout can be if we go into sexual relationship for reasons like - to fit in, to keep a partner, to prove love etc

This workshop is sex positive, inclusive, and simultaneously relays that some young people will feel ready, but that the vast majority regret early sex - and that's we want to avoid. We want our children's first sexual experiences to be wanted, meaningful and pleasurable.

What we will cover: 


  • We look at more reliable alternatives to sensuality and pleasure that are not relying on sex

  • We look at what their concerns are about early sex

  • We look at a checklist of things that should be in place before sex

  • We explore the effect of pressure, where it comes from and how to navigate it

  • We look and explore the word ‘no’ and why it can feel hard to say it and some tools that can help us assert and govern ourselves space

  • We talk about simple statistics- most young people aren’t having sex until they are 17 in the uk

  • We do a quiz (this is the only part which covers more traditional facts)

  • We look at the role of positive friendships in our lives and how they can help us resist pressure, and what a good friend is and isn’t.

  • We look at self esteem building exercises.

  • And we also look at how we can show we love someone without anything sexual involved

What this workshop isn't: 


  • Condoms and contraceptive education (this is a separate workshop)

  • Learning how to have sex (the mechanics of different sexual practices)

  • Abstinence only education 

  • Anything goes education

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