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Cycle Savvy Girls: 12-15 Years

For girls 12-15 (or younger if she’s already started her period) 


Its an empowering and period positive workshop exploring the mysteries and wonders of the female body and the Menstrual cycle. 


We look at: 


  • The Inner Seasons of the Menstrual cycle - and how to harness the super powers of the cycle to your advantage 

  • Tracking the body’s language of the cycle, so you know when you’re due and how to take care of your body’s needs 

  • Female anatomy & physiology - what’s going on with my body, why and when! 

  • Self care through the menstrual cycle with herbs (we will mix a bag of herbs for the girls to take home) and essential oils (we’ll make a belly soothing blend) 

  • Period products & the environment - how to have an eco friendly period

The mamas have a separate session beforehand to share about where their daughters are at and talk about how best t support their girls as they move into the teen years with a cyclical body


 The mamas join us in the afternoon for a beautiful mother daughter bonding session and bracelet crafting.


We usually have a guest speaker come to join us to share her wisdom around working with her menstrual cycle as a super power 


What do the mothers say?

"I feel that me and my daughter are still benefiting from the workshop. It was such a good experience of opening up connection – it was very powerful. Thank you so much!"


"Thank you so much the Cycle Savvy workshop! You held it with such finesse and beauty. The girls were clearly comfortable, safe, at ease, which made it so enjoyable and informative for them."


"I knew you were approaching everything age approrately and it made for a very special bonding experience between my daughter and me. I’ll never forget the day and I’ll always be grateful to you for what you began in our daughters awareness. They’ve made new friends and deeper, safer connections and this is of immense value in our times."

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What do the girls say?


"I loved this workshop! It was so fun and informative. Nisha is so generous and gave us so many amazing things. I would love to do it again!"


"I feel so empowered and like I can now talk to other female friends about everything! I love that we’ve made a book with everything we did in it."


"Nisha is warm and supportive. It was the best workshop I’ve ever been to!"


"The space you created for the girls yesterday felt so special. Thank you for doing this such important work  I hope you’re able to rest in the afterglow of all the magic you held today. I just loved going away as they were saying how fun it is to talk about their cycle."

- Hayleigh Anderson (Herbalist) - Pellar & Pollen
Visiting Speaker at Cycle Savvy Girls 

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